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Patient Testimonials

  • Dr. Maxim V., Colon Cancer Survivor

    I have been in remission for several years. During my treatment for colon cancer, I was given the utmost care... Read More

    Dr. Maxim V.
  • Ricardo L., Multiple Myeloma/Stem Cell Transplant Survivor

    As my treatment progressed and we learned more about it, we came to understand that I was receiving the best... Read More

    Ricardo L.
  • Pat W., Multiple Myeloma Survivor

    The medical professionals at NYOH are knowledgeable, caring, treat patients as individuals, and acknowledge patients and family members as part... Read More

    Pat W.
  • Laila H., Breast Cancer Survivor

    NYOH is an excellent place to get treated and you will be in the right hands. What was really amazing... Read More

    Laila H.
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