NYOH Patient Prescription Center

400 Patroon Creek Blvd., Suite 1 • Albany, NY 12206
Phone: (518) 269-3080
After Hours: (518) 269-3080
Fax: (518) 446-1492

Prescription Refills

We require 48-hour notice for prescription renewals. Please note that routine refills are not available on nights, weekends, or holidays. All prescriptions are sent electronically to your pharmacy. We also offer a convenient, medically integrated dispensary.

Medically Integrated Dispensary

Now, you don’t have to make a separate trip to the pharmacy for prescriptions ordered by your physician. For your convenience, NYOH can fill many prescriptions at our offices. You can pick them up at the location where you see your doctor, or we can ship them directly to your home (limitations exist).

Cancer treatment is complex and requires close monitoring. It can also be costly. That is why our pharmacists are specially trained in cancer treatment and focus exclusively on NYOH patients. They work closely with your physician on an individualized treatment regimen, ensuring you receive medications in a timely manner.

Our NYOH Patient Prescription Center also verifies your insurance coverage for medications. Our dedicated pharmacy staff investigates Medicare, supplemental plans, copayment assistance programs, and other options to ensure you get maximum drug benefits.

Why choose NYOH’s Medically Integrated Dispensary?

Confirmation of Prescription Benefits On-Site

We can determine your insurance benefits and what prescriptions we can fill in our office.

Copayment Assistance

We can investigate the resources available to you, such as patient assistance programs and manufacturer-funded patient assistance programs.

Optimized Care/Communication

Changing doses or treatments is simple with support from our dedicated pharmacist, nursing, and technician staff. Because we exclusively work with NYOH providers and NYOH patients, we can react quickly to changes in therapy and deliver care more efficiently.

How our Medically Integrated Dispensary Works

Once we receive your prescription from your prescribing provider, we will determine if we can fill your prescription based on your benefits coverage.

Yes, we can fill your prescription.

We will call you to set up delivery or pick-up when ready. Choose one of three ways to receive your prescription:

  • Next-day pick-up at your NYOH Office: Our courier will deliver your medication to one of our NYOH sites. Your copay is due at the time of pick-up.
  • Same-day pick-up at our Albany Cancer Center, Suite 1: Our pharmacist will prepare your medication for pick-up. Your copay is due at the time of pick-up.
  • Shipped free to your home: If your insurance coverage allows for medication delivery, we will arrange to have your medication shipped to your home. Copays must be paid in advance over the phone via a credit or debit card. Certain medications will require a signature.

We accept cash or major credit or debit cards for copayments.

No, we cannot fill your prescription.

This is usually due to insurance limitations. An NYOH pharmacist will forward your prescription to either:

  • Local pharmacy of your choosing: The receiving pharmacy usually will contact you when your medication is ready.
  • Specialty (mail-order) pharmacy: Specialty pharmacies must fill certain prescriptions. If so, we will call to inform you that we’ve forwarded your prescription, and they will contact you directly for payment and delivery information.

Ask your nurse or physician about NYOH’s Medically Integrated Dispensary to learn more.