Telemedicine Appointments


New York Oncology Hematology offers telemedicine appointments, allowing new and existing patients to consult with our team of doctors via secure virtual visits – from the comfort and safety of home.

While telemedicine cannot fully replace the need for in-person care and treatment, it does provide flexibility for patients and their caregivers – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We encourage you to learn more by reading the information below. To request a telemedicine appointment, please call your NYOH office.

What type of visits are seen by telemedicine?

  • COVID-19: Patients who have COVID-19 symptoms or are in isolation or quarantine for COVID-19
  • Routine Follow-up: Patients coming in for a routine follow-up visit
  • Non-Emergent Symptoms: Patients with non-emergent symptoms during and after treatment that can be managed remotely
  • Side Effects: Patients with cancer treatment side effects
  • Test/Imaging Results: Patients returning for a follow-up visit to review scan or test results that do not require in-person action
  • Medication Refill: Patients in active treatment who need a prescription medication that can be refilled electronically

How do I request a telemedicine appointment?

Existing patients: Please call the NYOH office you visit regularly and request a telemedicine appointment.

New patients: Please contact the office you are scheduled to visit or is most convenient to you and request an appointment.

Can all patients be seen using telemedicine?

Telemedicine appointments are available to eligible patients when clinically appropriate.

To ensure high-quality care, your doctors will consider your request and determine if you can be seen remotely or must come into the office. With telemedicine visits available, patients may be able to reduce their number of in-person visits.

Will my insurance pay for a telemedicine video visit?

In most cases, yes. Many insurers were already covering telemedicine appointments, but the COVID-19 pandemic has expanded acceptance of this type of visit.

How does telemedicine work?

NYOH is proud to partner with pMD, a secure telemedicine platform used by more than 1,000 healthcare companies worldwide. pMD allows NYOH to seamlessly integrate HIPAA-compliant video consults with your physician via smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Once approved for your first telemedicine appointment, we will send you an email with directions for downloading the pMD Clinic application (app). After set-up, you’ll be able to use the app for future appointments.

Once logged in, you enter a virtual “waiting room” up to 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Just before your appointment, a medical assistant will call you by phone to gather information to share with your physician.

Your physician will join the video chat for your visit, and any actions taken will be recorded in your medical records.

Is pMD hard to use?

No, pMD offers a free, easy-to-use mobile phone or computer app for download.

Learn how to download and use pMD


Call technical support at 800-587-4989 x1