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The physicians and staff of New York Oncology Hematology (NYOH) are committed to reducing the incidence of cancer and blood diseases through earlier detection and intervention and offering their patients the most appropriate, evidence-based treatment options. With seven convenient locations, including five comprehensive cancer centers, the NYOH network provides world-class care to thousands of patients every year -- right here, close to home! Through our affiliation with US Oncology, one of the nation's largest cancer research networks, NYOH has played a pivotal role in the FDA approval process of 24 new anticancer drugs. Our special approach to cancer care allows us to have the best minds working together. To develop new treatments. To achieve more cures. To bring the breakthroughs home, as they happen!

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New Information for NYOH Patients with CDPHP Insurance

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New York Oncology Hematology (NYOH), the region’s largest and most comprehensive cancer practice, is providing up to date information to patients, regarding our good faith efforts to negotiate a new contract with Capital District Physicians Health Plan (CDPHP).

Last month, NYOH was left with no choice but to terminate its contract with CDPHP, after the insurance company insisted on drastic cuts to reimbursements rates. NYOH physicians believe these cuts will not allow them to provide patients with the full range of cancer treatments they currently offer.

NYOH will continue to see patients in active treatment. CDPHP subscribers have been notified of the changes, which will go into effect early next year, to ensure the continuity of patient care. Patients with questions or concerns about their coverage are encouraged to contact CDPHP’s customer service number at: 1-800-777-2273.

When does my coverage actually end?

In a recent meeting with CDPHP, NYOH discussed continuing care for active treatment patients through May 2, 2015. However, we had not finalized this. Although we were not informed that CDPHP was communicating this to our patients, we are pleased that CDPHP has agreed to extend your current coverage until May 2, 2015.

CDPHP has said they believe this situation will be worked out in a matter of weeks. Please know that NYOH has and will continue to negotiate in good faith, for the benefit of our patients, to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Do I need to switch my doctor right now?

No. While CDPHP’s December 15th letter directs patients to find a new physician, you can continue to see your NYOH physician through at least February 2, 2015. If you have ongoing care with an NYOH physician, you can continue to receive care from your NYOH physician through May 2, 2015.

CDPHP has agreed to continue your coverage for a longer period of time – this is something that is good for patients, and something our physicians are very pleased about.

You should continue to see your physician in the coming months. In the meantime, we encourage you to contact CDPHP member services at 1-800-777-2273 and indicate that you wish to continue seeing your NYOH physician, so that your current benefits will be honored.

Please know that we are working hard to resolve this issue – and are pleased the CDPHP has agreed to this extension, to put our patients’ minds at ease.

Is this dispute about how much money NYOH is paid to store drugs?

No. This is about making sure our patients have access to every available cancer treatment –our doctors will not compromise on the quality of care we provide to NYOH patients.

In its December 11th letter to subscribers, CDPHP talked about many cancer drugs costing $20,000 – $40,000. This is misleading, as these drugs represent less than 1% of drugs our doctors have prescribed over the past year.

Actually, less than 1% of all drugs we have prescribed in the last year cost more than $10,000. The average drug cost for all of the drugs we have prescribed for CDPHP patients over the past year is around $430. That is because our practice is committed to keeping costs down, by prescribing the generic drug whenever suitable for treatment.

Reimbursement rates cover far more than the drug treatments and their storage. It covers the cost of providing care – everything from our nurses to the electricity bill.. (Continue reading…)

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