Cancer Treatments and Medical Oncology


At New York Oncology Hematology, our medical oncologists use the latest in chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy and targeted therapies to treat cancer patients. Medical oncology targets cancer cells with treatment that is delivered orally (in pill form) or via injection.

Working closely with our oncology-trained nursing staff, surgeons, radiation oncologists, primary care physicians, and you, the patient, our medical oncologists manage your personalized treatment plan, evaluating progress and combining therapies to produce the best outcomes.

At NYOH, our patients also benefit from our robust clinical research program, which brings promising new therapies to our practice as part of the FDA approval process. Over the past 20 years, our patients have participated in more than 500 drug trials.

For your convenience, and often at a lower cost, NYOH also offers in-office dispensing of many drug treatments at the time of your visit. Your prescriptions are filled by NYOH pharmacists, board-certified with specialized training in cancer treatment, who focus exclusively on our patients, working closely with your physician on your individualized treatment regimen.