Hematology Specialist at NYOH


New York Oncology Hematology’s team of hematologists provides high quality care – including the newest targeted therapies and stem cell transplantation – to patients with both malignant and benign diseases of the blood and immunologic disorders.

These include disorders of:

  • red blood cells
  • white blood cells
  • platelets
  • the immune system
  • bone marrow
  • hypercoagulable states (blood clots)
  • coagulation, such as hemophilia or Von Willebrand’s disease

NYOH also treats thousands of patients with hematologic malignancies, such as:

  • leukemia
  • lymphoma
  • multiple myeloma

With advances in medical knowledge and treatment methods, many hematologic disorders today, can be successfully treated and managed.

At NYOH, many of our physicians are dually certified in both medical oncology and hematology. Our team of hematologists also works closely with physicians both inside and outside our practice, including radiation oncology, internal medicine, family practice and surgery, ensuring continuity of care for the patient.

NYOH Outpatient Stem Cell Transplant Program

New York Oncology Hematology offers the region’s only stem cell transplant program. The procedure, which combines high dose chemotherapy with autologous stem cell transplant, is used to treat:

  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • Hodgkin’s Disease
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Germ Cell Tumors

Unlike similar hospital-based programs in New York City and Boston, NYOH’s treatment is done at its outpatient facility at Albany Medical Center, allowing patients to stay at home, near family and friends, or at a nearby hotel. It also provides consistency, as patients can continue to see their primary oncologist during treatment.