Ovarian Cancer Care

Ovarian epithelial cancer begins in the tissue covering the ovaries, the reproductive glands that produce eggs (ova). Ovarian epithelial cancer is the most common, accounting for about 90% of ovarian cancer patients. You will be treated by a gynecologic oncologist. 


Ovarian Cancer Treatments

Our cancer treatment services are delivered in a non-hospital setting at locations in the AlbanyAmsterdamHudsonTroy, and Saratoga areas. Each cancer center is designed for your convenience with free parking and ground floor access for easy patient pickup and drop-off.


Available Ovarian Cancer Treatments

The gynecologic oncologists at NYOH will develop a cancer treatment plan that's best for you based on your type and stage of ovarian cancer and your general overall health. Your treatment plan may include a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and targeted therapy.


Clinical Trials for Ovarian Cancer

New treatments for ovarian cancer are currently under investigation and available to patients in the New York capital district. NYOH is a part of the US Oncology Network's Research Program, offering more than 70 active cancer research trials at any given time. Find an ovarian cancer clinical trial that may be right for you.

Find an Ovarian Cancer Specialist Near You

Our dedicated team of medical oncologists and radiation oncologists, including internationally-recognized ovarian cancer specialists, use the latest ovarian cancer treatment technologies to create a unique treatment plan for each patient.

More About Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer typically occurs in women who are past menopause (approximately age 50 and up), with about half of the women diagnosed at age 63 or older. More Caucasian women are affected than Black women.
Compassionate Ovarian Cancer Care in the Capital Region

If you or your loved one is ready to meet with a ovarian cancer specialist, our team is here to help. Start by requesting an appointment at a location that's convenient for you.


Genetic Testing for Ovarian Cancer

Those who want to know whether their ovarian cancer was caused by a known genetic mutation that causes hereditary ovarian syndrome can set up a genetic counseling session. Our Hereditary Risk Assessment team can help you learn more about the genetic testing process and whether it's right for you or members of your family.

Support & Resources For Ovarian Cancer Patients

Gynecologic cancer survivorship resources, including support groups, are available to ovarian cancer patients and family members in and around the Albany, Amsterdam, Clifton Park, Hudson and Troy areas. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources, including the Caring Together Support Group for Ovarian Cancer awareness and support in Latham, NY.