Due to a national shortage of blood collection tubes, you may experience upwards of a 2-hour delay in processing time for certain tests. Someone from our team will advise you if your scheduled lab test is affected by this delay. We thank you in advance for your patience.

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NYOH Working to Ensure In Office Dispensing for Patients




In this video, NYOH’s executive director, Edwin Graham, talks to New York State representatives about an important issue regarding in-office dispensing.

In addition to providing world class care, close to home, NYOH is also leading an effort to ensure patients in New York State can continue to receive their oral cancer medications through in-office dispensing. This service ensures close coordination of care between you and your oncologist, allowing a highly personalized treatment plan.

If you use NYOH’s In-Office Dispensing Program, contact your state legislator today and express support for this important legislation.

If you are interested in learning more about In Office Dispensing, talk with your doctor, or call our Patient Prescription Center at: 518-269-3080.