Cancer Care from NYOH Experts

Specialized treatment of cancer and blood disorders

Because we focus exclusively on the treatment of cancer and blood disorders, many NYOH nurses, pharmacists and research staff are specially trained and certified in the latest techniques, therapies and best practices for oncology and hematology. This additional level of expertise translates into better care and communication for our patients.

NYOH is also the only practice in the region affiliated with The US Oncology Network, one of the nation’s largest networks of community-based oncology practices. This connection ensures NYOH has access to the very latest in cancer research, collaboration with more than 1,000 oncologists around the country.

In addition to treating patients, NYOH physicians also serve as the oncology and hematology instructors at Albany Medical College. Trusted for our expertise and clinical experience, the medical school also arranges for students to shadow our physicians in the office. NYOH is proud to teach the next generation of physicians, sharing our knowledge and commitment to care.