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Region’s Most Advanced Mobile PET Technology

Together with our fixed 5-ring PET/CT (at NYOH/Albany Medical Center), we now offer the region's most advanced PET imaging technology for cancer patients. Our new mobile unit offers both PET and CT scanning, allowing a “one-stop” imaging appointment for patients who require both.


Improved Accuracy of Smaller Lesions

General Electric's "Q.Clear" technology helps physicians better detect and define smaller lesions. Using an enhancing algorithm, Q.Clear delivers up to 2X improvement in image quality and accuracy for treatment planning.

Half the Scan Time & Half the Radiation Dose

Our new PET cuts scan time in half, using 50% less radiation dose. Regular scans take just 12 minutes (compared to 30 min.). Full body scans finish in 25 minutes (compared to 50 min.) This helps elderly and ill patients, who find it uncomfortable to stay still for longer scanning times.


Heated, Reclining Seats, Heated Blankets & iPads

Designed with patient comfort in mind, our custom coach offers fully reclining seats and complimentary iPad use. Heated seats and blankets ensure better scan results. And a new door system improves accessibility and temperature control.

What Our Patients Say:

Randy Gifford

Colorectal Cancer Survivor, Clifton Park

"You can tell right away that NYOH listened to patients in designing this new mobile unit. There is more room, the seats recline and it is brighter inside. Plus, my scan was done much faster. I appreciate having this level of technology just seven minutes from my home. It’s easy to schedule a scan when I need one."