“King and Queen of Hearts” Helps NYOH Patients

Feb 11, 2016

Students at the William H. Barkely Magnet School in Amsterdam recently raised more than $400 to help cancer patients at New York Oncology Hematology.

They held a “King and Queen of Hearts” fundraiser, where students and families purchased paper hearts that were posted on doors of teachers and staff throughout the school. Students were encouraged to give from the heart, as “kindness” is the school’s word of the month this February.

Mrs. Merendo (wearing crown) received the most hearts and was name “Queen of Hearts.” Ms. Hillier (on left) was runner up. The students used the money they raised to purchase gas cards, books, snacks, blankets and other items for patients being treated at NYOH’s Riverfront Center location.

On behalf of our patients, NYOH wishes to thank everyone at The Barkely school for their generosity!