Dr. Schlossberg on Cancer Rates

Mar 25, 2014

Cancer to become number one Killer

Updated: Thursday, April 3 2014, 09:25 PM EDT ALBANY — Cancer will soon overtake heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States. A new study shows the number of cancer cases will increase by 45% in the next two decades. The local medical community is already starting to brace for an influx of new patients.

While a cancer diagnosis is a very scary thing, many cancers are now treatable and a lot of groundbreaking research is being done locally, “over the last few years patients participating in our research programs have led to the approval of 2 dozens new cancer drugs. So, people right here in our local area have access to things coming right out the lab and other drugs that looking promising and we’re trying to figure out – are they good,” Dr. Schlossberg says. In the meantime, all of us, need to do what we can to try and stay healthy, “there’s no magic vitamin that will prevent things from ever happening but if you head a healthy life and remain as healthy as possible you’ll lower your chances,” he adds. 

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