Dr. Todd Doyle Elected as New York Oncology Hematology Practice President

Feb 01, 2021

Region’s Largest Cancer Provider Welcomes Well-Renowned Radiation Oncologist to Lead the Practice

New York Oncology Hematology (NYOH) recently announced that its board of directors elected Dr. Todd Doyle to serve as the next practice president. Dr. Doyle, a radiation oncologist at NYOH, has served on the practice’s board of directors for ten years and currently serves as the chairperson of the U.S. Oncology Radiation Executive Committee and is a member of the National Policy Board’s executive committee.

As practice president, Dr. Doyle will lead NYOH in strategy, operations, finance, and clinical practice decisions.

“Serving as NYOH’s next practice president is truly an honor. As a practice, we’ve proven our resilience in overcoming obstacles, including a global pandemic, rising to the occasion to continue to provide the consistent quality care our patients deserve and expect. Our success is attributed to effective leadership, which I will whole-heartedly strive to maintain as I serve as practice president,” said Dr. Todd Doyle, incoming NYOH practice president.

Dr. Doyle replaces Dr. Ira Zackon, who served as NYOH president for five years and recently stepped down as practice president to relocate outside the Capital Region. Dr. Zackon will continue to see patients via telehealth appointments and serve in a consulting capacity to the board of directors.

Dr. Ira Zackon, outgoing practice president, said, “Stepping down as practice president is bittersweet. It has been a privilege and rewarding experience to be the physician leader these last five years and working closely with our practice administration and leadership in an always changing health care environment, let alone a pandemic over this past year.  We have grown our physicians and specialists, our holistic provider care teams, and our cancer research, always staying on the leading edge of cancer therapies in the service of our patients. Now, I pass the torch to my successor, Dr. Doyle, who undoubtedly, under his leadership, will continue to lead and grow our mission of excellence in cancer care for our region.”

“I’m excited to welcome Dr. Doyle as the next practice president and look forward to working with him to continue to advance the practice to continue to be one of the leading cancer care providers in the Capital Region,” said Sabrina Mosseau, executive director of NYOH.

In addition to electing Dr. Doyle as the board of director and practice president, the board of directors welcomes Dr. Arsyl De Jesus as vice president, Dr. Karen Tedesco as treasurer, and Dr. Makenzi Evangelist as secretary as its 2021 slate of officers.