Amsterdam PBA Donates $925

Feb 11, 2020

Big thanks to the Amsterdam Police Benevolent Society, who sponsored a "No Shave November" event, raising over $900 for the NYOH Community Cancer Foundation. By donating $75, the officer could avoid the police department's "facial hair policy" and grow a beard for November. For an extra $25, they could keep it for December!  The event was coordinated by Detective Joe Spencer, who is an NYOH cancer survivor. 

The funds will go directly to NYOH patients and their families, in the form of gas and grocery gift cards and other "little things" that go a long way when a family is facing the financial hardship of cancer treatment. 

The NYOH Community Cancer Foundation was founded in 2000, by NYOH physicians, staff and patients. All donations stay in the Capital District Region with 100% of the funds directly supporting patient and family needs.