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The IDENTIFY Advantage.

First in the nation to offer IDENTIFY integrated radiation technology.

Understand how IDENTIFY
treats cancer.

The IDENTIFY Advantage


The palm-reader allows contactless check-in while queuing a patient’s specific treatment.

Like a fingerprint, everyone’s palm has a unique vein pattern. By hovering your hand over IDENTIFY’s contactless palm-reader, you check yourself in and are immediately connected to your personal treatment plan. More >

This infrared scanning technology reduces wait times and allows patients to proceed directly to the treatment area. It also queues your specific treatment details for that day.



Tumors are targeted more accurately, sparing healthy tissue & organs.

IDENTIFY’s surface-guided, motion management technology pinpoints the tumor, focusing the radiation beam to the submillimeter level. This reduces side effects by avoiding healthy tissue and organs. More >

With IDENTIFY’s topographical infrared camera monitoring, treatment is not delivered until the patient is in the correct position on the radiation couch, ensuring precise treatment every time.

IDENTIFY Precision


Camera-assisted body positioning reduces treatment time.

Real-time camera display, on-screen checkpoints and six degrees of adjustment “lock in” correct body position faster, so you spend less time in treatment. More >

IDENTIFY’s augmented reality navigation allows patients and therapists to reproduce and maintain exact body position during every session.



Ground-floor radiation suite includes front-door drop off and free parking.

Newly redesigned with patient in-put, our radiation suite includes doctor offices, imaging and treatment – all together, on the ground-level level. More >

Self-check-in, using a contactless palm reader, moves patients quickly to treatment. And front-door drop off with plenty of free parking offer additional convenience.

IDENTIFY Convenience

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