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High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy for Skin Cancer

High dose radiation (HDR) brachytherapy can be an effective skin cancer treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers, especially when surgery would leave disfiguring scars or skin cancer surgery wasn’t able to remove all of the cancer.

With a skin cancer diagnosis, an NYOH physician will evaluate the best options for each patient, including HDR brachytherapy, as part of the skin cancer treatment when appropriate. Brachytherapy for skin cancer is typically non-invasive, non-scarring, and performed at our offices in the Albany, Amsterdam, and Saratoga areas.

The HDR brachytherapy process involves a tiny radioactive seed that travels through a plastic applicator which is set on top of the skin and placed precisely where the cancer is located. There is nothing inserted into the body for skin cancer brachytherapy.

The radiation is then delivered directly to the cancer site, minimizing the amount of radiation going to nearby healthy skin and surrounding tissue. This helps to reduce the risk of side effects. Each session lasts 5-10 minutes and there are typically 6-10 skin cancer brachytherapy treatments administered before evaluating its effectiveness the skin cancer.