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  • Types of Cancer

    Types of Cancer

    Read more about some of the more common types of cancer including Breast, Lung, Ovarian, Lymphoma and more.

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    Drug Dictionary

    Learn more about cancer therapies.

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    Blood Diseases

    Read more about some of the blood diseases treated by our hematology experts.

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    Easy to understand definitions of the terms your cancer care team may use.

Today, millions of people are cancer survivors or living with cancer. And just like patients, no two cancers are alike. Even cancers of the same organ may behave very differently.

Today, targeted therapies are creating a new kind of treatment – one where we can identify the genetics of a particular tumor, using this information to create a customized treatment plan. At New York Oncology Hematology, our team is using this targeted therapy – and our clinical research program continues to run trials to advance this type of treatment.  

At New York Oncology Hematology, we believe it is important for our patients to have a trusted source of disease and drug information, to help you learn more about what you can expect for "typical treatment" of common types of cancer.

As always, we encourage you to talk with your doctor or nurse about your cancer diagnosis and treatment.