“Balancing cancer treatment, working as a veterinarian, and being a wife and mom was certainly a challenge, but it was all very doable with the support of my family, friends, husband, bosses, and doctors. I was referred to NYOH by my OB/GYN practice. The midwife who delivered my kids, and my breast cancer diagnosis, worked with the doctors at NYOH in the past and highly recommended them. The care I received from Dr. De Jesus and her nurse, Ellen, was simply outstanding. From the first minute I met them, I knew they cared deeply and personally about me. I wasn't "just another patient" with breast cancer. I was an individual with my own special circumstances, and my treatment was tailored to me. The Clifton Park location was wonderful. I was able to get in for my radiation treatments at 7:00 a.m., and still get to work on time. My advice to any working mom going through cancer treatment would be to gather as much support around you as possible. The people in your life want to help–as hard as it is to accept, let them!”