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NYOH offers new option for breast cancer patients


Dr. Tia Olds

As the first in the nation to offer IDENTIFY™  integrated radiation technology, NYOH is providing a new option for women with cancer in the left breast.

Dr. Tia Olds, radiation oncologist, talks with Newschannel 13's Benita Zahn about how the new technology works. A computer screen allows patients to manage their own breathing -- and through a process called "deep inspiration breath hold" they create more space in the chest, allowing the radiation beam to target the tumor with submillimeter accuracy -- while avoiding the heart. This helps reduce side effects and long-term damage to the organ. 

On WAMC Northeast Public Radio's Medical Monday program, Dr. Olds also discusses how IDENTIFY™  is being used to treat breast cancer patients. She also takes listeners' questions about a variety of cancers and treatment options.