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  • Research to Help Women Prevent Breast Cancer or Live Their Best Life With It 10/23/2019

    These 3 scientists are contributing to research that may help families affected by breast cancer in the future. They're studying the most effective language to include in dense breast notifications after mammography, what makes a cancer cell that’s been dormant—not growing—suddenly reactivate, and the effectiveness of a program to help Latina breast cancer survivors overcome barriers to exercising regularly.

  • FAQ: Caregiving During Radiation Treatment 10/17/2019

    It’s normal to have questions about how to help someone getting radiation treatment. Read the answers to some of the more common ones here. For more help call us at 1-800-227-2345.

  • The Cancer Atlas, Third Edition, Shows Progress Against Cancer Is Achievable 10/16/2019

    The American Cancer Society released the third edition of The Cancer Atlas, a comprehensive guide to cancer around the world. Describing the inequities among the global cancer burden, it concludes that progress in the fight against cancer is not only possible, but also achievable.

  • Testicular Cancer Survivor: ‘Life is a Roller Coaster’ 10/15/2019

    Niket Desai was at Google headquarters presenting a new project before a large audience when his phone began vibrating in his pocket. It was his doctor calling to tell him he had testicular cancer.

  • Five Ways to Help Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk 10/09/2019

    Although there is no sure way to prevent breast cancer, there are several things you can do that may lower your likelihood of getting it.

  • Breast Cancer Survivor Advocates for Smoke-Free Housing 10/07/2019

    Cathleen Reese has lived in tax credit housing in Hamilton, Montana for 4 years. Although smoking in her apartment building is not allowed, Reese says she breathes in secondhand smoke every day from her neighbors who don’t obey the rules.

  • Report: Breast Cancer Death Rates Down 40% Since 1989 10/01/2019

    A new American Cancer Society report finds that death rates from breast cancer in the United States dropped 40% between 1989 and 2017. This translates to 375,900 deaths avoided during those 28 years.

  • If You’re Called Back After a Mammogram 9/22/2019

    Getting called back after a mammogram doesn’t always mean you have cancer. But it can be scary to wait and wonder if there’s something wrong. Learn what to expect if this happens to you.

  • Report: Vaping Up, Smoking Down Among Teens 9/19/2019

    A survey published as a research letter in the New England Journal of Medicine shows vaping – using e-cigarettes – has more than doubled among teens in the past 2 years.

  • Should You Get Genetic Testing for Cancer Risk? 9/17/2019

    Most cancers are not caused by inherited gene mutations. But if cancer runs in your family, you may want to consider genetic testing options.

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